Winter Mushrooms Workbook

admin · 15 December 2016

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I started getting excited by mushrooms late in November and I was gutted I had missed the “mushroom season”. Well I’m very happy to tell you every season is mushroom season! Believe it or not there isn’t a month where you won’t be able to find a mushroom. But obviously Autumn is the best time to spot them in their masses. 

Winter Fungi have in my view some of the best tasting and cutest mushrooms there is. There are less than 20 different types of mushroom that you will find in winter and 9 of them are pretty common which we’ll Cover.

The great thing about the common list is there’s only one toxic mushroom. That’s 8 Mushrooms you can find, identify and consume (once you’re confident enough in your identification skills). 

Through this workbook we will first take an overview of winter mushrooms before taking a look through a narrated slide show of the most common species.

This is followed by detailed identification guides on each species where you can study at your own pace and reflect on.

Once you’re full confident and up to speed each species has a detail questionnaire which allows you test out your new knowledge, giving you a solid base of knowledge and the peace of mind to know your hunting for the right mushroom before grabbing your basket to head out foraging for your winter mushrooms.

Key Species

  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Velvet Shanks
  • Scarlet Elf Cups
  • Jelly Ears
  • Wood Blewits
  • Winter Chanterelle
  • Sulphur Tuft
  • Turkey Tail and 
  • Birch Polypore

Top Tips

When I pick mushrooms I always cut away the muddy section of the stem. You’ll thank me for this when you get home, a muddy mushroom rolling around in your basket is asking for the mud to get into the gills where it’s nearly impossible to clean… No one likes gritty mushrooms

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