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30 Lessons

Wild Harvest: An Introduction to Foraging

Discover the bountiful world of wild edibles with our Introductory Foraging Course for Beginners! This online course is perfect for…

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L3 Accreditation in Foraging & Wild Food

Welcome to the Foraging & Wild Food course, a definitive course to help you build & develop a wealth of…

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Winter Mushrooms
11 Lessons

Winter Mushrooms Workbook

This is a workbook made up of our favourite and the most common winter wild Mushrooms. It contains a narrated slide show, identification guides and individual species questionnaires. Species Included: Scarlet Elf Cups, Velvet Shanks, Sulphur Tufts, Oyster Mushrooms, Turkey Tails, Wood Blewits, Glistening Ink Caps & Jelly Ear Mushrooms

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